Saturday, July 11, 2009


the garden is doing fantabulous and I an in love with it.. i wish i wasn't married so I could marry my garden. I could be so much in love because of how bad I failed with last year's ghetto garden. Maybe.. maybe my garden just rocks. How is everyone else doing? Melissa... if you read this.. tell me how your garden is doing. My pictures suck arse because it is so humid here that my lens fogged up. I will try to take some new ones soon and add them here.

We have eaten all the sweet peas.. in fact, none even made it into the house. They were that good. One side note to peas, eat them while they are little.. they get a tad bitter and hard if you wait too long.

We planted two kinds of green beans, purple pod, and green lake or something like that... the purple pods produced earlier and about twice as much as the green ones.. those are definitely a keeper. Next year I will plant twice as many!

Our broccoli did not do well at all.. we got 2 tiny little heads and it took way too long.. so they probably don't taste very good. Also the carrots.. out of 170 planted, I think we have 5!! I need to work on those again next year.

the tomatoes are rockin the house.. we ate our first garden tomato 2 days ago and it was so yummy I wanted to curl up in bed with it. I can't wait for more tomatoes to be ready to eat.

We have eaten 5 small strawberries, and i expect them to rock next year, with our blackberry bush.

Our watermelons and cantelopes are vining and flowering, and look good.

The zucchini is going to produce a ton of squash, which is good, but it looks weird to see all the baby zucchinis on the plant, very phallic.

We only have 1 little summer squash which is sad. He must be very lonely...