Thursday, June 26, 2008

Balloon Glow

Last week the kids and I went to a balloon glow with grampa. It was tons of fun.. I took way too many pictures to post here so click on the picture below to visit my snapfish album and see all the awesome pictures! Unfortunately you will have to register for a snap fish account to see the pics.. but it's the only picture place that automatically works with my phone.

We had tons of fun. It wasn't too crowded.. we ate popcorn, and toured all the balloons.

Monday, June 23, 2008

LK's skirt!

Today I finished Lk's skirt! The top was hand knit in mainly stockinette stitch and the bottom was machine knit with the ribbing at the bottom and the top hand knit. She told me she looks like a beach girl in her new outfit.

Garden Update!

We are starting to get food! It is the coolest thing to see that the plants I have been nurturing are starting to produce food that I am going to eat! YAY! Here are some new and updated pics of the garden.

Baby Bell Peppers

Baby Strawberries

Baby tomatoes
Baby tomatoes

From the back door

Beans and Pumpkins!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


So one thing on my mind has been sustainable living. I am living a life that is so far from sustainable it is amazing. My family is very dependent on oil. We use gas in the car, and drive everywhere. Our food has been shipped to the grocery store, and then we drive to the store and buy it. Our goods have been shipped to large retail chain stores where we again drive and buy it. I think one of our major goals this year is going to be to learn how to sustain ourselves! I wonder if I can have chickens on post... and I wonder if I can find a butcher that will "fix" my chickens? I am not sure I could cook and eat it if I used to talk to it and collect it's eggs. I suppose we shall see, eh?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Garden!

This year we finally planted a big ole garden. I am hoping to can a ton of veggies to help out with the grocery bills this winter. Of course the cicadas were so bad that we could not plant them in the ground so I ended up with tons of ghetto container plants! Our yard isn't quite sunny enough so the plants are taking a bit longer to flower than I had hoped, but we do have flowers on our tomatoes, and some on our strawberries. YAY!!
These pictures are from May 13, 2008

Garden from back door

Up close and personal with the tomatoes!

Pepper, strawberries, beans and pumpkins, OH MY!

Cicadas crawl out of these holes.

Cicada skins under my tree. EWWWWW!