Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I get my drivers license....

I am going to go to the sewing machine store! Lucy exclaimed this morning. When asked why, she replied that she wants to sew. Well, guess I should have seen that answer coming!

Babies smell good!

Yesterday we babysat for a friends 6 week old baby. What a cutie! As Ad was holding him ever so gently in his lap, he looked up at me and said, "He smells like tater tots, or something else to eat!"

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ten years, man! Ten!

Where’ve you been for ten years?"
"I freaked out, joined the army, went into business for myself. I’m a professional killer."
"Oh, do you have to do postgraduate work for that, or can you jump right in?

In 6 days my first baby will be 10. This is worse than turning 30! I feel like someone punched me in my breathing mechanisms!

Anywho, we are going to go mini golfing as a family, and invite 3 friends for a movie date. Ad wants to see city of Ember, so I hope it is showing!

He wants to have an MP3 player for his birthday... So I guess we will be breaking the bank.. I mean a young man only turns 10 once, you know!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I can't vote for Angus.

Chuck Angus is running for re-election to the Radcliff, KY city council. I can't vote for him. This is why:

In denial

I am in denial! I have 3 things floating around my brain that I want to blog about.. I haven't done it yet, because writing it down makes it real. I don't want to confront all this yet, so tonight I am going to deny them exit from my head. Maybe tomorrow.

Will you smell my....

Any questions that start with "Will you smell my..." is dangerous. The answer to this question is always a resounding NO! Lk learned this lesson the hard way today. Aj asked her if she would smell his arm pit. For some reason, she said yes and then almost barfed on herself. Then Aj rubbed his arm pit on Ad's head. Ad asked Lk if she wanted to smell his head. For some reason she said yes, and then almost barfed on herself. We had to have a talk about questions to which one should always answer no.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google was invented by Pinky and the Brain

I better not say that too loudly here, because blogger is owned by pinky..err.. google now.

What could be better than an email service that tells you when you have had too much to drink??

The new email goggles will help you decide if you should not send that email to your ex boyfriend. It is available on nights and weekends only, cuz who's drunk on weekdays??? (ha!) Sounds super great, no? Unfortunately the way your computer decides if you are drunk is by giving you a MATH test. what happens if you fail your math test? You can't send ANY email at night or on the weekends? Brain, this is the UNITED STATES!! No one is going to pass, drunk or not! Sorry there, sally, susie, and bobby jo.. NO EMAIL FOR YOU!

On another note, I find it deeply disturbing that my computer could potentially tell me not to send an email. Pinky and the Brain are already storing every private thought we have sent in email, but now they are going to tell us not to send those emails because we are too stupid, err, drunk to add? Scary folks!

Pinky and the Brain speak up about email goggles

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chili... not for fork lift drivers

Armyman makes a mean chili sauce. But he has never made a DEADLY chili sauce. Some people should just stay away from the spiciness.

Attack of the killer chilis

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fun with zoo animals

Today we went to the zoo with our Susie Goodness children. We all had a blast! We were able to feed the lorikeets. One of them was in a bad mood and bit Ad on the hand. He is tough though, and did not even make a sound. One of the lorries perched on Aj's head. He looked a bit nervous after the bite his brother just got. We saw the gorillas, and one of them would knock on the glass to get the kids attention. They would knock back and then the Gorilla would look at them and knock on the glass at the same place. The zoo is so fun. I am so glad we managed to get the membership! Lk told me her favoritest part was the monkeys who knocked on the glass.