Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Pots

I made some cutie pie mosaic pots. It was pretty easy. First I taped off the top lip part of the pot and painted the bottom with chalk board paint. After it was dry I taped off the chalkboard paint part on the bottom so no grout would get on it. I used mosaic glue to glue pieces of tile on the top, close together, and then i glopped grout on the top. I used my fingers to make sure the grout went into all teh cracks and in between all the tiles. Then i took a damp sponge and wiped grout off the tiles and made sure it was all even and level-ish. Done!

I also made some non-grout type. They are just the flat bottom marbles from Walmart/dollar store. I got a huge amount of them on sale at Walmart when they ditched the craft department. I just glued them on. Done!

ETA winter was not kind to these pots. Most of the marbles fell off. Different glue is needed.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

commercials - yikes & yay review

So this Dell commercial skeeves me out. Watch below

Yeah.. that guy at the beginning... he is smiling why? And why does his buddy pop up and finishes getting dressed? And why do they share a meaningful look? yikes! Yes, go back and watch the beginning. You will feel slightly sickened and naughty. We *so* should not be sharing THAT private moment.

This next commercial makes me feel free and fantastic! Oh to be a sock monkey with a car.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coffee Cup Rack

I super love my new coffee cup rack! (That's, like, a huge amount of love) I made it yesterday and it was really easy. Okay, I didn't really make it. Adan did. He put up the bar, and he bent the forks. BUT it was my idea, and that counts, right? Okay, it wasn't my idea. I got it HERE

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CSI love

Yes, I am a CSI addict. I don't love it as much now that Grissom is gone, but I watch all the spin offs.. Miami and New York. Adan is convinced they are about to start an LA version.. we shall see. Adan won't watch Miami with me though; he says Horatio is annoying. Which makes this Phinneas and Ferb clip all the more fun. (Have I mentioned that I love Phinneas and Ferb?)