Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google was invented by Pinky and the Brain

I better not say that too loudly here, because blogger is owned by pinky..err.. google now.

What could be better than an email service that tells you when you have had too much to drink??

The new email goggles will help you decide if you should not send that email to your ex boyfriend. It is available on nights and weekends only, cuz who's drunk on weekdays??? (ha!) Sounds super great, no? Unfortunately the way your computer decides if you are drunk is by giving you a MATH test. what happens if you fail your math test? You can't send ANY email at night or on the weekends? Brain, this is the UNITED STATES!! No one is going to pass, drunk or not! Sorry there, sally, susie, and bobby jo.. NO EMAIL FOR YOU!

On another note, I find it deeply disturbing that my computer could potentially tell me not to send an email. Pinky and the Brain are already storing every private thought we have sent in email, but now they are going to tell us not to send those emails because we are too stupid, err, drunk to add? Scary folks!

Pinky and the Brain speak up about email goggles

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