Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cortney's Baby Shower

This carrot is a rattle and has 2 bells in it. It is soft and chewy and not annoyingly loud.

While I was in California I went to my good friend Cortney's baby shower. It was amazing fun and her mom made so much fantastic food. Here are pics of what I made her.

(This is #6 in 1001 things. Stash Game: Carrot - 2 pts for yarn, 1 pt for fiberfil, 1 pt for bells, total 4 pts, Bunny - 3 pts for yarn, 1 pt for fiberfill, total 4 pts, Blankie buddy - 8 pts for yarn, 1 pt for fiberfil, total 9 pts. Grand Total: 17 pts.)

This little knitted bunny is soft and fuzzy and the perfect size for small hands. Only downside? I just realized I forgot to put it's puff tail on. ARGH!

This blanket buddy is way more blue than it appears in the picture. It is made from soft fuzzy yarn and is sure to be a favorite of Gavin's!

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