Friday, January 15, 2010

Why I love raw food...

I love raw food. I consider myself a raw foodist even though I frequently fall off the wagon, and I rarely have a day that I eat 100% raw. I am what you would call "raw till dinner". It is too much work for me to make 2 dinners at night. No, I don't eat raw meat. Yes, I would eat unpasteurized cheese if I had access to it.

Early last fall, I quit the raw food and went back to the conventional american diet. There were lots of reasons, including stress, but the main reason was my school schedule. It was difficult to carry my food in with me to school, and I was getting some crazy looks. So I caved, and started eating chips instead of peppers and tomato wedges.

3 days ago, I officially renewed my commitment to a better diet. I just love how quick the results come rolling in! 3 days of mostly raw and some pants that haven't fit me in a couple months are back on my hips. 3 days and my skin is clear. Literally... no more blemishes at all. You go to bed with those little bumps, and maybe one or 2 pimples, and you wake up and it's smooth... I would say like a baby's butt, BUT, baby's butts aren't really that smooth, and I have problems comparing my face to an ass. so.. smooth as something really smooth. For me this always happens the night after my 3rd day raw. You go to sleep your same old self, and wake up with a fresh new complexion! Love it!!

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Xiao Cru said...

Hi Susi! I love this post. Good luck with the recommittment! Here is a great site to help: And check out my blog - I am also new to raw!