Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pretty Pots

I made some cutie pie mosaic pots. It was pretty easy. First I taped off the top lip part of the pot and painted the bottom with chalk board paint. After it was dry I taped off the chalkboard paint part on the bottom so no grout would get on it. I used mosaic glue to glue pieces of tile on the top, close together, and then i glopped grout on the top. I used my fingers to make sure the grout went into all teh cracks and in between all the tiles. Then i took a damp sponge and wiped grout off the tiles and made sure it was all even and level-ish. Done!

I also made some non-grout type. They are just the flat bottom marbles from Walmart/dollar store. I got a huge amount of them on sale at Walmart when they ditched the craft department. I just glued them on. Done!

ETA winter was not kind to these pots. Most of the marbles fell off. Different glue is needed.

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