Saturday, May 29, 2010


Some days I feel like Jean Grey. Shit falls apart all around me. I am dangerous and scary.

Some days Meredith Brooks says perfectly.

We found out a couple days ago that I may have some health problems. The joy of military health care is that it takes forever to see a specialist. I have a great primary care provider, and she says things aren't right but she doesn't know what or the severity of my problems. I will most likely need surgery, but I don't know until I get the surgical consult.

I had to give 600 stool samples. It was soo-oo grody. Nothing like filling a bunch of cups full of shit. mmmm, good times.

So I feel slightly crazy. I keep having an image in my head. I am standing in the middle of a hurricane. Trees are whipping around and I can hear the wind blowing through the streets. I am standing in the middle of the melee perfectly still. Not one hair on my head moves. It is the perfect opposite of how I feel now. Instead of chaos inside, it is chaos outside.


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're having some troubles. I'll keep you in my prayers, Suzie. And I know so well that feeling you're describing that it makes me slightly ill to think about it.

Susie said...

Thanks Sarah! It seems to be one of those years at my house!! LOL