Thursday, March 17, 2011

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

I seem to have this crazy love/hate relationship with Facebook. I feel this obsessive need to check in at every hour of the day. I say, "Oh, it's just a great way to keep up with old friends and family. It's a great way to meet the local people on this post."

But really, it's just another excuse for people to be mean, nasty and catty. It's like they think since it's online and not face to face, they can say whatever they want. Military wives in general are unkind to each other, but throw in the distance and impersonality of the internet and they are assholes.

People follow you around and post nasty things on your statuses. They post cryptic statuses to get attention, and usually the meaning behind is a dig or mean comment about someone else.

It seems that a lot of the people I meet through facebook are full of drama, looking for attention and bring chaos with them. I don't need that crap. I have enough drama and chaos in my own home.

BUT it is good for some things. I have found some nice people through facebook. I enjoy hanging out with them and i feel that I satisfy that need for companionship. Facebook is an easy way to connect people. EVERYONE and their grandma has a facebook account, and all our events and fun things are posted on Facebook. No Facebook, no notification.

Overall, I am undecided and conflicted.

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