Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hospital funnies

Cuz everything about hospitals are funny right??

So today I went to get counseled about my lack of vaccination love. We get up to the fourth floor... for the first time.. and see that the walls are tiled in hospital horror movie green, and alternating walls are covered in what looks like pink burlap. Yes.. pink. Lk remarks.. Wow, it looks like a jail up here.

When we finished on the pink and horror jail floor we went back downstairs to leave. We passed a mom who was standing with her toddler ON A LEASH. Lk and I both stared like it was a horrific traffic accident. We both rubbernecked all the way to the door. As Lk was passing through the door, she turned around and said to me in the most incredulous voice, That boy was wearing a LEASH! She turned around and passed through the door laughing to herself. I asked her what was so funny, and she said again, That boy was wearing a LEASH!!

leashes on little boys apparently don't fit in with her world order!

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