Monday, March 16, 2009

Garden Beds....YAY!

We spent this weekend planning for our garden and building our garden beds for our square foot garden.

We built 8 3'x6' garden beds and placed them in the front yard we share with the neighbors. The garden beds were very simple to build! We also added a picket fence around this part of the yard to keep random deer and children out of the veggies.

So the final planting list is as follows:
(This list is plants, not veggies or fruits)

168 carrots
48 strawberries
27 green pole beans
27 purple pole beans
54 shelling peas
1 summer squash
19 vine tomatos
2 watermelons
2 giant cantalopes
2 zucchini
6 lettuce (salad bowl variety)
4 pepper
2 white pumpkins
2 orange pumpkins
1 cherry tomato
1 yellow cherry tomato
2 roma tomato
8 broccoli

So we built the boxes, and started on the fence.. BUT the fence is unfinished because I thought the planks were 6 inches wide. I told Adan how many to buy... and the fence planks were really 4 inches wide... so yeah, we did not buy enough.

We also still need to buy the materials for the soil, and for the trellises... we need 9 trellises. This is turning out to be a bit more expensive than I had hoped, but I have to remember that these initial purchases won't have to be repeated. That makes them cost effective in the long run, but oh-so-painful now! LOL

Pics of the building process!


Meg said...

Thats coool!

Your neighbors don't mind?

Susie said...

Nope :) I promised to share the harvest.. so they were all about it! LOL

maggiemoo said...

I was gonna ask the same thing as Meg. That is awesome! Grow lots! I want to start a garden too, but...somehow, I dont think I am going to do it this year.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I'm from the Louisville AP group. What do you plan to do about the soil? I've been wanting raised beds for four years, but we haven't done it yet because this is not our permanent home and buying so much soil will be expensive. I realize you said you haven't gotten it yet, I just wondered what your plans are?

Susie said...
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Susie said...

We did get our soil.. if you go forward to today, I just posted pics of our current garden :) We aren't here either and will probably (but hopefully not) have to move in 2 or 3 years. I plan to give away the soil at that point. It cost us $200 for all the soil we used, but even considering the soil, seeds, and lumber the veggies we get out of it will still be more healthful and less expensive than the commissary/grocery store. Feel free to email me at susie at diaperdecisions dot com if you have questions!