Thursday, February 25, 2010

Barbie as a role model

Whether we like it or not, media is a role model for our children.  I think Barbie has become something of a role model for our young girls. I have always been anti barbie for her huge tatas and tiny waisted physique, but this commercial is taking things too far.  Babysitting as a career choice?  Babysitting is a wonderful career, don't get me wrong.  In fact, I have been a home day care provider for many years.  However, I have high goals for my daughter.  How about she become a president, or an activist standing up for people's rights or environmental issues.  Maybe she could be an astronaut, or a scientist looking for cures for diseases, or an agriculturist looking to preserve our food heritage.  Barbie's aspirations are a tad bit different.  She wants to teach children to use the toilet.  And look, her toilet comes with it's very own pile of poo.

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maggiemoo said...

Umm...who puts babysitter in the same category as dentist anyway? And if you want to take care of children for a career, you would say Teacher or Child Care, not babysitter. Wow.