Monday, February 22, 2010

OAMC updates! Day 1 and 2

So, I went shopping, and was able to purchase all ingredients minus meat, assorted spices and pantry staples like rice for $350.00. I went down today and picked up all the ground beef and chicken (50 lbs ground sirloin, 30 lbs chicken breasts, 2 lbs chicken tenders, 10 2-lb fryer chickens) for 215.00. This brings my 60 meal total to $465.00. I normally spend that in one month! I will still need to hit the store for milk and salad fixin's and assorted other small purchases but I estimate that to be around $60 per month. That will bring us to $645.00. YAY!! Counting eating out, and left overs (We do leftover night every saturday), I estimate this to be pretty close to 3 months worth of meals for us. That rounds out to $215.00 per month. My normal grocery budget is $225.00 every 2 weeks... so we will be saving $235 per month and $705 in 3 months. Holy wow!

Of course I have no where to store the ingredients before they are assimilated into meals so my kitchen looks like the grocery store barfed in my house. And speaking of the store... I got some crazy looks with my 9 jars of spaghetti sauce and 5 jars of salsa, and 45 lbs of potatoes in 5 lb bags. And 3 doz. eggs balanced precariously on top of a mountain of broccoli, cauliflower, pre-shredded cheese...

Yesterday was beans day. I had cooked all the dry beans ahead of time, and Adan mashed most of them up. Split pea soup simmered in the crock pot while I worked and it smelled so good. I have learned that good shoes are a must while doing my OAMC. Also counter space is at a premium so I may haul the small craft table in there while I am working. Also, run the dishwasher at intervals during the cooking so it is not such a bitch to clean up when you are done. Tomorrow? I will be doing vegetables. Gotta get those done before they go bad. Day 4 is chicken, followed by beef, cheese and baking on days 5, 6 and 7. Then done!!!

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