Monday, September 20, 2010

Hang up Laundry Separators

We have a tension shower curtain rod in our laundry room. As things come out of the dryer, I hang them up as needed. It was becoming a pain in the ass to figure out which was whose, and whose was which. So i got a nifty idea. At the store they have those round separators that divide the size 12 from the size 10 and so on. I needed some. So i made some.

Excuse the craptastic pictures. I guess I was shakey that day!

I made circles on a piece of cardboard.

I used a jumbo coffee cup for the big and a little bead container for the middle.

I cut out the circles and made a slit from the outer edge into the inner edge. Then, I wrote names on each circle

And then I slipped the circles onto the shower curtain rod. Taaaa daaaaa! Fancy and organized. (Oh, and I did turn the white one around so they all show brown.)

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