Monday, September 6, 2010

The summer of the butterfly

This is the summer of the butterfly.  Butterflies seem to represent a new beginnings.  They come from leaf-eating wormy things and turn into beauteous nectar sipping creatures.  I want to sip nectar.

I have thrown off the base relationships.  I am coming out of the mires and mud related to them.  Wiping my feet and moving on!  Just walking away from that was like putting on wings.

I have lost weight!  I joined a biggest loser challenge club locally and I lost about 14 lbs.  I went down 2 pants sizes which is always a win!  New clothes!  Less picture phobia!  I saw a picture of myself today, and i wasn't completely horrified.  The last couple of years I have begged to be erased from pictures.  i still felt a twinge, but it wasn't the horrified, tear-welling feeling i have previously had.

Kentucky is the most BEAUTIFUL place I have ever lived. This summer there has been a multitude of butterflies.  Every place I turn I see another butterfly. They are in the road, and I always worry I am going to hit them with my car.  bright yellow and black, dark blue and black, orange and tons of other butterflies.  Butterflies always remind me of home.  I can remember being in elementary school and going to see the migration of the monarchs.  It was so fantastic to see the butterflies flitting from tree to tree.  About 2 1/2 years ago, we went home for a visit and were able to take the kids to see the monarchs.

Jack is coming.  In June we heard that our baby was coming.  Jack is due in December and we can't wait to take him home from the hospital.  It is such a wonderful thing that I can't even express how I feel.  The butterflies from this summer will forever be connected in my mind with Jack.

There is nothing more wonderful than a butterfly. To think that such a wonderful thing can come from such an icky caterpillar gives me hope for everything.  No matter how horrible things seem, soon they will change into wonderful. It's like the ugly duckling for bugs.

I want this tattoo. Minus the butt crack.

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