Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iron on Wall "Vinyls"

I have always admired those cutesy wall sayings.
"Home, where your story begins"
"Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath"
You get the idea.

I really did not want to fork out $50+ to get fancy stick on wall sayings that I can't take with me when we move. Every tutorial I found online had to do with fancy cricut machines and vinyl sticky sheets. Stuff I don't have.

SO.... I found these instructions on how to do it yourself with out a fancy cricut.

Basically you use fabric to iron on your letters! I bonded the heatnbond to the fabric, cut out my letters, and then ironed them onto the wall. It was a pita getting them on the wall semi straight because the wall was not straight across... part of it was taller than others. I know.. that sounds like a lame excuse, but please consider that this house was built by the military.

And I am convinced i was holding the camera crooked when i took the picture. Yeah. That's it.

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