Monday, July 19, 2010

Motherhood and Random Manipulation

Motherhood: This summer, my boys had 2 weeks of sleep-away camp.  One week in June, and one in July.  The second week, my friends daughters attended the camp at the same time.  She missed her girls so much, and thought about them, and worried about their health and safety.  She made me reflect on my mother role.  I am a craptastic mother!!  I know, I know, no one is super mom, we all have our faults, but DANG!  I did not worry about the boys, I missed them a wee little bit, but not enough for it to impact my day.  I did not worry about their health or safety, and the week went by hella fast.  I will admit that this is their 3rd year at this same camp, and I am familiar with the structure and such of the camp and the days they spend there, but STILL!!  I did not send any letters or emails (yes, the camps now have emails for campers!!) I just did not figure the boys would want to hear from me, or miss me that much.  At the end of camp, I got an email from Alex that asked me why i did not email.  Apparently the other boys told him that I did not love him. Boo.

Now I am trying to figure out ways to "care" more.  I thought i was a good caring mom... not a super fantastical super mom, but good enough.  I am not so sure at the moment.

Random Manipulation: *disclaimer: Local friends that read this.. this is not related to anyone in my immediate vicinity*
What do you do when people you know make up stories to make you feel bad for them?  I am feeling manipulated by  someone in my life, but I am not sure how to deal with it.  I just want to be me and live my life the best I can.  I feel like my life's ups and downs are being co-oped by someone else which makes every unique thing in my life feel cheap and un-special.  I need to figure out how to deal with this in a diplomatic manner, with out offending everyone and their aunts, while still maintaining those things which make me Susie.

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