Saturday, April 18, 2009

Competitive Sports

I will not ever be a sports coach again. I also think I should not attend the games. I am just not competitive. I have an inner sense of justice that says we should help the less talented learn, and bench the better ones until everyone plays well. I don't like the feeling of striking out or missing the pop fly in left field. I don't like to see other people experience those feelings. I am just not a competitive sports kind of gal.

So how do you reconcile your non-love for super strong and competitively driven coaches with your children who love sports, and your child who wants to love sports but isn't good? How do you "go with the game" while feeling bad for your benched child? The mother in me wants to come out and say.. Hey stupid head coach.. HELP him get better at the game instead of benching him!! But that's not how the game is played. Team over individual. :P

Maybe I should just put Adan in charge of the sports?? Got any tips for a for a sensitive mommy?


Melissa Gephart said...

You know, I am the same way. With certain things I am competitive, but when it comes to my kids and sports, I am just not competitive at all. When Em was in kindergarten I volunteered to run a bingo game for her class halloween party. When I run a game, EVERYONE wins a prize at the end. The homeroom mother saw me giving everyone a treat and ran over to say, "OH NO - only the WINNERS get a prize!" I said, "um, when I run a game, EVERYone gets a prize!" I thought we were going to have a throwdown over a piece of candy for a group of 5 kids. She literally raised her voice at me! Some people are just reallly, REALLY competitive and I don't get that. How is that fun for kids, to rub it in thier face that they LOST? I don't get that. When they get older I think they can handle the whole win/loss thing - but in the early years, whats the big deal with just making it fun?

Susie said...

Yeah.. that is how I am.. feircely competitive at some things, but with my kids, not at all! The only problem is that the child who is not sporty is my 10 year old. He really wants to be.. and he plays all the sports but he is like I was, the worst on the team. :(