Sunday, April 19, 2009

Crazy Neighbors make me bitter

So the mean neighbor has decided that he wants the parking spots closest to my house. It is hard to explain but we live in a cul-de-sac with 3 buildings. They form an upside down U. We live at the bottom of the U and they live on one of the sides, closest to us at the bottom. The only parking is on the sides, so we have to park in front of their house. Instead of giving us the first 2 spots, which are closest to our house, they take them and won't move their cars for days. For a while, they were taking the first THREE spots. Normally, I don't mind. They have small children and the first 2 spots are closest to their house as well, so I just "give" it to them. When I "give" it to them, they haven't stolen it from me and I am not mad. But today it is pouring rain. Really pouring. It has rained since last night and their are big puddles all around. And I had to go grocery shopping, and park way far from my house, and splash all the way to the house... 10 trips. IN the rain... When I am sick. This makes me feel bitter. Why can't they be nice SOMETIMES and let me park close when it is raining?????

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