Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is coming

Easter has ambushed me. Did you know that Easter is this Sunday?? As in 3 days away? I haven't gotten any Easter basket stuff. I have cooked any eggs. And I certainly don't have time to make the living grass baskets I want to make. Pooey.

We went to a new church last weekend. It was an apostolic pentecostal church. Interesting. I don't think it quite lines up with my beliefs though. They put heavy importance in talking in tounges and they believe in oneness doctrine..

from Wikipedia

The major doctrinal difference between Oneness Pentecostalism and mainstream Christendom is its teaching on the Godhead, which is popularly referred to as the Oneness doctrine.[2] This dogma states that the Godhead consists not of three separate persons, as in classical Trinitarian theology, but rather one person alone who manifests himself in three separate ways. This places them at odds with the members of most other Christian churches, some of whom have accused Oneness Pentecostals of being Modalists and derided them as "cultists".


Pamela said...

I was so confused when I read this in my google reader. I have another friend suzi who does a lot of the same things you do and recently commented about not being ready for easter but we go to the same church so I was about to come on here and ask why you were visiting another

Susie said...

LOL Pamela.. if I lived near you, I would go to your church :D