Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Dreaded Pictures

So this weekend, Adan took pictures of me in my used-to-be-cute bathing suit. This isn't the suit i wore when i was skinny. It isn't even the suit i wore after i gained some weight. This is the latest bathing suit i bought about 18 months ago. I am also going to attempt to find a skinny picture and we can look at that for comparison. Yeesh... but now everyone will see the tub and i will HAVE to lose the weight if only to save face. and have some awesome before and after pics.

As a side note, no, I am not pregnant. Just fat.

As another side note. those are not my curtains... They belong to the hotel we were vacationing at. No, i did not go in the pool.


Susie said...

Yeah I am commenting on my own post... looking at these pictures make me want to become bulimic. DAMN I did not realize how heavy I have gotten. So serious motivation!

Jessica said...

you are much braver than I am. There is no way, no way!
I'll just put up the after photo!