Friday, January 9, 2009


I hate to make resolutions... I never seem to make it past 2 weeks with all the grand ideas I have for the upcoming year. There is too much "life" going on here for me to plan anything at all! I think instead of resolutions I am going to have some projects for the upcoming year.

During 2009 I want to:

*Finish our Home study and adopt 2-3 children. We are looking to adopt a sibling group of 2 to 3 children. Hopefully God will bring us children that are in Kentucky, but we are open to the possibility that we will be traveling to another state to adopt.

*Finish our furniture. All the furniture we have owned, besides the boys bunk beds, has been purchased used or given to us for free. W have moved 262,000 times in the last 11 years, and we are apparently very hard on furniture. Everything we own is falling apart, on its last legs or already dead. Soooo, we have plans to build our furniture. Adan got a set of power tools for Christmas (Thanks Black Friday!) and we will be building 3 sets of bunkbeds, 1 queen size bed, 2 entertainment centers, 6 dressers, 7 nightstands. We are also building a drum composter, and a PVC pipe bike rack (the bike rack will have some modifications to make it fit 8 bikes.

*Plan and execute a fantastic garden, and then preserve the bounty. I plan to get the Square foot gardening book this coming payday and read that over. I will be starting the compost as soon as we get the compost drum built. We will be buying lumber for our raised beds as soon as we get our tax return and we will be on the way to gardening!!

*Get moving. I will be getting up earlier than normal to be able to use the elliptical or the home gym, every day. Also, we are going to take a family bike ride every Saturday that Adan doesn't work. Once it is warm again, we may do a hike at the nearby state park as well.

*Spend time with God. Spend time in daily Bible study before I exercise each morning. I have been lazy about my personal time with God and I desire to get more serious about it. Also, encourage Adan to continue daily Bible study with the kids before he goes to work.

*Finish some household projects. I have a billion and two things started. I need to prioritize and get them done. I think I may go room to room instead of the global ADD method I have been using. Here is the list:

Video Game Room (small, small sitting room off the boy's room): curtains, rug and bean bag chairs

Boy's Room: 2 quilts, curtains and rug

Lucy's Room: quilt, curtains, rug

Our Room: curtains, afghan, rug, quilt

New Children's Room: Rug, Curtains, afghans, quilts (They have to pick the colors first though)

Living Room: curtains, rug

Playroom: Rug

Kitchens: Curtains, Rugs, dishcloths, 15 for each kitchen.

I also need to finish my scarf and mittens, and sweaters for everyone. I finally decided to hold off on the sweaters, and make them this summer/fall. That way everyone will have a sweater when the cold starts.

I think this will be plenty to keep me busy between the daycare, diaper decisions and perpetual paper works! I am considering ideas to pare down but they are still rumbling around in my brain.

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