Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Growing a waist

Lucy asked for seconds with dinner today. She told me she is growing her waist and then she will be fat like me but she won't mind. I asked her if she just called me fat and she stuttered for a minute and said no... i said i was going to get a fat belly. uh-huh.. sure.


Jessica said...

Oh my did you not cry. I cried last time Elizabeth called me fat.

Susie said...

I don't know.. kind of took my breath away. I just don't know when i got fat. I mean, i was always so thin, and then one day i woke up and i was fat. What the hell happened?? I should be able to lose this weight in no time, because we have an eliptical and a home gym system but it seems like there is always a reason why i can't work out or why i need a coke. DAMN IT! I need to get off my ass and start working out because i don't want to be a fatty. LOL

maggiemoo said...

I always need that coke too. And I dont have a home gym. We should do this together. Be my support system and kick in the ass? I'll do it for you


Susie said...

dealio. The latest issue is our exercise equipment.. and adan but that is a story for another year LOL
Our home gym is a nordic track free motion, so you need the exercise chart to figure out how to move the arms into the right place for each exercise.... we lost it in the latest move... so "we" finally called and got a new one.. hopefully it will be here next week. Our elliptical has NEVER worked right, and the warranty blows chunks... we are waiting out the time until our extended warranty kicks in (2 weeks) so that we can get it fixed and i can start ellipting.

These are my latest excuses, but I am going to ride my bike during my break until the elliptical gets fixed. thats the plan anyway LOL