Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moving is super fun!

I have not posted hardly anything in the last 2 months.. my life slowly, err, rapidly spun out of control! In October, we put in a request for a bigger house. When AJ turned 10, we became eligible for a 4 bdrm house but of course the waiting list for those was like 162 years. With our adoption coming up, we figured we would write in and ask if we could go ahead and get a 5 bdrm house. The 5 bdrm houses here on post are actually 2 house put together. Soooo that means 2 kitchens, 2 living rooms, 5 bdrms and 3 baths. This would be perfect for the day care because I would have dedicated space... My fingers were triple crossed.

We were told that we had to wait 10 days to find out if we were approved for the 5bdrm. I called back 2 weeks later and found out that they had said yes!! YAY us! Unfortunately we were #15 in line and our anticipated a move in February or March. We were told to call back at the end of November to check on our place in line.

I called back 2 weeks later on November 15th, because I am super patient, as anyone who knows me can tell you. :D They told me that our house would be ready next week. Next week? Whaaa? They won't release any more information, but I should call on Friday (5 days away). So, I call Friday, and they say that the house will be ready on Monday. Monday of Thanksgiving week, we walk into the office to find out what is going on. The lady at the desk tells us that our house will be ready on Friday at the latest. She tells us that we will have 5 days to move, but they won't release the address to us until the day we are to start moving. UMMMM so how to I transfer our phones and cable? How do I forward our mail?? I asked her what street the new house is on and she tells us the same street we already live on. KICK ASS! The houses on our street rock, and that means we would have like 2500 square feet with no stairs!!!!!

On Tuesday we decided to drive down the street and figure out what house will be ours. We found a double house that had construction workers in front and begged them for a tour. They obliged us and we walked through some awesome luxuriousness. The master closet alone was big enough for my kids to live in!

At lunch that afternoon we began to wonder if the lady at the desk was possibly not smart. Maybe she looked at our current address and just told us that street instead of the street the new house was on. We became paranoid and decided to call the housing office again. We spoke to a different lady, and she told us that our house was actually ready right then. She invited us for a tour. I knew at that instant we would not be moving into luxurious awesomeness.

Instead our new house was smack dab in the Army Housing Ghetto, AHG for short. Our little street is fairly quiet but the 2 neighboring buildings are all double houses also. That means 5 other families requiring 5 bdrms. That is a lot of Army brats to have deal with on a daily basis LOL. It seems that each family has at least 1 dog. At least 2 of those dogs are outside daily before 6 AM. Barking dogs are super fun at that hour.

The inside of the house was okay. Nice mocha colored walls. BUT the living rooms are small, and there are basically 2 sets of stairs. YOu have to walk up or down stairs to get anywhere.

Adan really did not want to take the house after seeing the crazy awesome flat house, but if we had turned it down, it would have been 6+ months before we were offered another one. So we took it.

The wanted us to move over Thanksgiving weekend, but we said no... Luckily they gave us some extra time to move. My mom and dad came down from LVille to help us move, and we managed to get everything done in 4 days.

I was able to get the daycare unpacked and looking good with in a week and had my inspections the next monday. On tuesday I started back up. I was glad to be able to get everything going so quickly but it has meant that I have had no time for the rest of the house. We finally got the office mostly unpacked and the sewing room mostly unpacked this weekend. We hung up the paintings and family pictures today. Slowly this house is starting to look like home.

We have moved an average of every 9 months since we got married. The last 2 moves though, have been much closer together. We moved in Nov. 07, in Apr. 08, and then again in Nov. 08. I am ready to stop moving!!!! Hopefully this is our last duty station. Hopefully we can stay in this house(s) until we get out. I would love 7 years of no moving!!!

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