Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flat Tires and other nonsense

Our tires are popping.. one by one. The week before Christmas we had a flat tire. We got it fixed. Then on Monday, we got another flat tire. We got it fixed yesterday. I can't take any more flat tires! I think the walmart tire center is going to know us by name soon.

I had a big ole check from my daycare that I had to mail into the bank. I think that I forgot to put our account number on them. oops. So they took forever and were not posted to our account. I finally called up the bank and bitched them out about how they should let me have deposit at home even though i don't have a credit card with their company and they were like, yeah.. ummm.. no. So i got off the phone all pissy and mad about how i wanted my money for new tires and i could not get to it. That night, they posted the checks. Guess they found them.

So yesterday we got a new tire, YAY! I never thought i would be the mini van type, but i love my van. I am soooooo glad to have it back.

We also got new couches, yay! Our old couch was freaking disgusting.. like really gross. It was dirty inside the cushions and you could not clean it.. i would clean it and then it would still be dirty. ICK! The whole back of the couch where the cushions attached to the frame at the top was ripped and stuffing was coming out. it was horrible. Our new couches are used, but very nice. They just need to be cleaned.. a job for next week.

We also paid all of our bills, and it feels super good to be able to do that for once LOL. Hopefully we will be heading in the right direction again with everything. It is just so hard to coordinate with Adan when he is never home or home but asleep.

And that leads into the next piece of good news! Adan is going to days!!! YAY ME! I will actually not be a shift work widow any longer. I can not wait to be able to share parenting responsibilities again.

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