Friday, January 30, 2009

Ice and snow and snow and ice and chinese food

So Kentucky has been declared a state of emergency. Yup... we had an ice storm. A big one. So tonight we decided to go for Chinese food. A little background first. We had not left the house since Sunday afternoon. Tuesday school was canceled. (We are hoping school will be back in session on Monday.) Wednesday our power went out and was out all day. It was pretty dang cold in the house so we decided not to chance it over night. We were packing up to go the shelter when the power came back on. YAY us! the world is icy cold and sparkling so we did not venture out of the house the rest of the week either. Today, seeing as we had no food left in the house, and everything is still closed except the one Chinese buffet in town, we decided to go to dinner. First we chiseled the 8 inches of ice off the top and sides of the car. Then we spent 20 min. trying to start the car. We finally got it all good and started and the kids packed in, and we tried to back up. Yeah, the tires were iced to the ground and the whole car was pretty much surrounded with ice. We had to get out of the car and chisel away the ice that was under the tires. Finally, we made it out of the parking lot and to the chinese restaurant. As we slid across the icy parking lot, Lucy declares: It smells delicious here! It makes me want to eat the walls!

Guess it is time to feed the kids!!

You can see pics of the weather on this other local blog...

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