Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Backyard Bird Watching for Babies

Okay maybe not just for babies. Everyone can enjoy backyard bird watching. Even cats! I built some nifty little bird feeders for our yard. Easy and inexpensive to boot!

Sorry, pics are dark and slightly blurry.. camera is on it's way out!!

NOTE! In the second picture, a black capped chickadee is present. In the third, a tufted titmouse.

First, head over to Lowe's or your neighborhood home improvement store. Pick up a 10' length of 3/4 diameter copper pipe. Ask the friendly associates to chop it into 3 roughly equal pieces. Pick up 3 end caps in the appropriate diameter. Get some copper tube glue. Mine was named Goop. Next head over to your local dollar store and grab 3 small plastic plates and 3 small bowls. The bowls will sit on the plates so you want to make sure there will be room around the bowls. Think tea cup and saucer.

Very simply, glue the bottom of the plate to the top of the end cap. Glue the bottom of the bowl to the top of the plate. Let dry. Mine took 48 hours to dry. Go stab the copper pipe into your grass. Top with end cap-plate-bowl. Fill with bird seed and sit back and enjoy your feathered friends!

I also recommend that you purchase a bird guide. We picked up 3 different ones at our local barnes and noble book store. I really love the book that is categorized by color. It is simple enough that even my children and day care children can search for the birds we see at the feeder. We have put the feeders right in front of the window, and put 2 little chairs for easy window watching. We even found a few sets of children's binoculars for those times when you need a close up look!

Lucy can name several birds by sight. Her favorite birds are the black eyed juncos. The juncos don't eat from the bird feeders; they eat from ground under the bird feeders. She makes sure to spread out bird seed all over the lawn when she feeds the birds!

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