Friday, February 6, 2009

Moms never notice anything

Last night after dinner I walked through the day care room and I noticed something strange about the small book case. The top of the book case had been depressed and the sides were all cracked and, well, broken. Then the mystery bookcase breaker had decided to repair the damage with my brown packing tape. Brown is close to tan right??

So not only is the bookcase busted to hell, but then it was wrapped in brown packing tape. Grrreeeaaat. Well in my mind the only person who commit this kind of carnage and then try to cover it with tape would be Lucy. I interrogate ask her what the hizell happened to the book case. She looks at me blankly and says I don't know.

Lucy and the truth don't always have a close relationship so I ask again.. Again she says she doesn't know. As I give her the look of death, stare her down sigh dejectedly, AJ walks up and admits to sitting on the book case and trying to repair the damage. He claims he tried to tell me while I was on the phone but I told him to wait, so he just figured it would not notice if it was fixed. Sure.

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