Thursday, February 5, 2009

Take THAT, Cancer!

Hi Everyone! My husband and I have commited to participate in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. The Ride to Conquer Cancer is a unique, two-day cycling journey that will take place from Louisville to Lexington and back on September 25-27, 2009.

We both have been personally touched by the devestation that cancer can cause. In 2001, we lost Adan's grandmother, Alicia, to cancer. Adan was very close to her, and it breaks his heart that she was never able to know our children. We have also lost two great-grandfathers, an aunt and an uncle, as well as 4 family friends to cancer. Two of our family friends, Jan, and Alex are cancer survivors. 2 of my friends in online support groups have children, Grace and Levi, who are surviving cancer. We have confronted breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and brain cancer among many others. We are riding in memory of all the people we miss every day, for all the amazing things they accomplished, and everything they will never finish. We are riding for our survivors, in recognition of the fantastic care the received, and the life saving procedures that doctors around the country have provided. We are riding for a cure, for a future where cancer does not cripple the body and sadden the soul.

Our goal is to raise $5000 to ensure that we help individuals and families in our region conquer cancer. Your donation will help:

* Fund research that works toward a cure and offers our community access to the most advanced therapies.
* Ensure that prevention programs are in place to help reduce the risk of cancer for present and future generations.
* Provide cancer screenings to those who otherwise could not afford them.
* Fund the most up-to-date treatment options such as the da Vinci robotic surgical system and radiation and infusion therapies.
* Provide the emotional care and educational support patients and their families need in coping with and recovering from cancer.

Sponsor Us!

I am asking that you sponsor us in this Ride to Conquer Cancer, even if you are only able to pledge $10.00. Please look into your heart, and help us raise the funds to help conquer cancer! If you own a business, we would love a corporate sponsorship. We will wear your ad on our jersery on race day!

Remember, every deduction is tax deductible.

Sponsor Us!

Thank you so much for your support in this cause that is near and dear to our hearts!

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