Saturday, February 14, 2009

Glorious Ride

Yesterday Lucy and I rode bikes to school. It isn't too far, only a little more than a half of a mile. Lucy sits on her trail-a-bike and we both pedal. It is good training for me because the route is a bit hilly, and she weighs 63 dang pounds. I haven't quite gotten the hang of my computer, so i am not sure how many miles per hour i was going, but I got up to 18 km per hour.. roughly 9 miles per hour. After I dropped Lucy off, i rode on up to the FCC office and passed out my hourly care survey. I hung out for a bit and then rode home.

All together it was about 3 miles.

I did discover that one should never wear pants with loose ankles, because the gears will catch the pants and either a)pull you off your bike as the gear rotates or b) rip a big ass hole in the ankle of your favorite sweats. Sometimes both.

The ride was chilly and calm and wonderful. It felt so vulnerable to be sitting on my bike in the left turn lane of a big street. To feel cars whizzing by me and around me. I think that road biking is a good way to support cancer. Cancer leaves you very vulnerable. You are dependent on your doctors and help from others, and you have no way to know what the disease will do to your body. In road biking, you are also dependent on the bigger and badder vehicles to make way for you, but you really can't stop them should they decide to make you road pizza. Yeah, i know not at all the same.. Cancer - deadly disease, biking - fun sport. I guess the ride made me philosophical.

I came home from my ride and had like 2 hours to myself. It was so peaceful here and I had a good personal devotional time. I wish every day could be like that!

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