Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Knitted Shag Rag Rug

I am knitting a shaggy raggy rug for the day care quiet area. It is a huge stash buster. I am using up old knit cotton fabric from the "fabric closet" and some mystery content brown yarn as a base. I plan to update with pictures as I progress.

The pattern is really easy. I believe the finished product will be approx. 36" wide, but will update with true dimensions when done.

Size 8 long needles (I am using 2 circular needles because they are longer.
strips of knit fabric 1" wide, 3" long. Stretch can go either way, but i am using the stretch along the length.

To knit in fabric strips, lay a strip in between your needles. Half the strip should be hanging down the back of your work, and half hanging down in front of your work. *will add pic soon* Knit one. Flip the fabric strip hanging down the back of your work to the front. Knit one. Repeat.

Cast on 89 stitches.

Row 1 and every odd row K across
Row 2 and every even row k 1 then knit in fabric stitches across

I am knitting this in stripes!

Back of rug

Front of rug after 10 rows. Looks more like a fuzzy green caterpillar right now

Update!! 3/20 This rug pattern came from a book called fast and fabulous low sew bathroom projects by Reader's Digest. This rug is neither fast nor very fun but i feel committed now. DARN IT! I am currently only working on this rug as i wait to pick up kids from school so I do MAYBE 2 rows per day. My goal for April is to finish this dastardly piece of no fun knitting so i can move on to something i might not hate.

New pic for ya! Please ignore my messy dining room table, and my shoes. I stood on a chair to take a pic from above. Yes, my tape measure is missing inches 1 - 3. I burned them with the iron. I don't like beginnings. The rug currently measures about 25 inches wide by about 9 inches long. After 6 weeks. I rock.

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