Sunday, February 22, 2009

My poor birthday boy :(

today was Alex's birthday party, on his birthday! How often does that happen? My poor son was sick yesterday, with a fever of 103.5. We dosed him with motrin and his fever would come down, especially after cool showers. Poor dude was miserable. Today we decided we would just have to cancel the party. He was so sad and crestfallen that we decided if he was feeling better right before the party we would go. So we went. And probably infected the whole bowling alley including our 12 party guests with strep and/or the flu. Yeah I suck. He was fine during the party, but once it was over, he just crashed. I ended up taking him to the ER. Thank goodness Adan was working, as he got us right in. (Which makes me feel bad for those "regular" people who have to wait to go to the ER. I suppose there are *some* perks to having a husband who works craptastic hours in the ER) He has been diagnosed with the flu and possibly early strep. boo hiss for being sick on your birthday. On a good note, he is pleased with his presents. He got 2 gift cards, a spider man with a sticky web thing, a venom with a long tongue, a nerf gun and from us a soccer ball and a goal net. yeah baby!

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