Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lucy is Smaaaaht!

So we are sitting here watching wonder pets.. yes, wonder pets. I wasn't really paying attention (cake mania 3 has been calling my name!) but i heard cow, and stuck in a tree. So I ask Lucy why a cow was stuck in a tree, seeing as they aren't known for their tree climbing abilities. she tells me "The cow was blown into the tree by a twister. That's a tornado. Hot and cold mix together and it goes around and around (with appropriate hand gestures showing me how the wind goes around and around in a conical shape) and picked up the cow and blew it into the tree."

Hmm. She's pretty smart :D


Jessica said...

Scary isn't it!

Susie said...

it totally is.. i was remembering your blog post about molecules.. they grow up too fast!