Friday, February 6, 2009

Rain Gutter Book Shelves

Large Finished Rain Gutter Bookshelves

I am redesigning my day care quiet area.... The before has a small book case, a crocheted rug, and 2 pillows. Everything was made by me and looks okay but i need spectacular :D

The new quiet area will have 4 pillows, a knitted shag rag rug, and rain gutter book shelves mounted on the wall.

Rain Gutter Book Shelves:
These were super easy to make. Just head over to the local Lowes/Home Depot and grab a piece of vinyl rain gutter. It came in 10 foot lengths. I cut mine into 4 pieces that were 2 feet long and 2 pieces that were 1 foot long. You also need to brackets per piece and 2 end caps. Once it is all cut, just screw the brackets onto the wall and then slide on the gutter pieces and end with the end caps. You can glue the end caps on but i chose to leave them unglued so i can take it all apart for cleaning.

they came out super nice. I think i will be putting some up by the kids beds as soon as we get the bunk beds built!

Quiet Area Before

Quiet Area Before

Large Finished Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Small Finished Rain Gutter Bookshelves


Christi said...

looks great!

Susie said...


Blue House Soaps Blog said...

Susie you are so creative! I want to see pics of the bunkbeds when they are finished!

Susie said...

for sure! We are going to build the first set of bunk beds this coming week. yay!! Our furniture has seriously taken a shit this last week. AJ now has no bed, Lucy has not dresser and we have no dresser and are using cardboard boxes for night stands LOL.. so those are our first building projects.